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Stand-up education that doesn’t just work, it WINS!

Want to learn how to be a stand up comedian? Do your friends tell you that you are funny and should be a standup comic?  Then save yourself years of painful trial and error and learn from the industry’s best.  Dozens of Greg’s students are now full time paid comics.

“This workshop was a no nonsense, cut-to-the-chase criticism. I got a lot out of this. I will take a whole new approach to the way I craft my act.”

Tony B.

“Thanks for showing me the difference between trying to be funny vs just being myself and allowing the funny to come naturally.”

Rich D.

“Have been going over the audio notes from last class. You’re dead-on. Thank you for all your notes. As harsh as some of the notes were, I am sincerely grateful that you called it all out. Just letting you know. Have a great week!”

Patrick K.

“The workshop was great! Appreciated Greg’s direct style, great knowledge and useful information.”

Nancy Y.

“I came to this class feeling stuck. I have jokes but felt there was a huge gap between me and me on-stage. Today I started to close that gap.”

Dan H.

“Enjoyed the class. It covered all elements of comedy development. Liked the criticism which was honest and needed if you’re serious about performing comedy.”

Parrish S.

“Great exercises.”

Sean S.

“Nothing like it! Learned things I’ve never heard before.”

Tino Z.

“Very informative and practical. Fun and interactive. TGW gets into detail and applies exercises that are incredibly useful.”

Vince R.

“It was awesome! Really helped me to connect my brain to specific references.”

Marie D.

TCI-Greg-Wilson-1Founder and instructor Greg Wilson is a current, touring headliner at the best-known clubs and casinos in America. The IMPROVs, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store and Vegas Casinos including The Stratosphere, Bally’s, Mandalay Bay and Planet Hollywood to name a few. His stand-up TV appearances include FOUR episodes of COMICS UNLEASHED and standing ovations on SHOWTIME and COMEDY.TV.

With over 20 years of professional comedy experience, Greg has invented and implemented new, highly-effective stand up training techniques. Greg is THE ONLY ONE to teach VITAL skills like “CROWD-WORK & RIFFING” and “HANDLING HECKLERS”.

His students have gone on to appearances on Comedy Central, Conan, Live at Gotham, Comics Unleashed and star on shows like MADtv, Silicon Valley and The Walking Dead.   No shit.

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Alumni Testimonials

“Hey man, just wanted to let you know, ever since I took your class a few years ago, things really changed for me. The things you taught, even the way you approached the business all made sense, and I learned so much even from the energy that you put into that class. I decided to take that same approach- to get on stage more often and start taking instead of asking. The work has been hard, but it’s paying off especially this year, 3 commercials, a new tv show in the works and I just did an episode of World’s Dumbest yesterday. So thanks, man. I listened!”
M. Nimmons, Comedian/Actor
“When I took Greg’s workshop, he was quick and honest at pointing
out my bad performance habits and getting me to break them. Once I made those adjustments, along with using the other tools he taught (such as storytelling, act-outs, and joke-writing techniques), I consistently got bigger laughs in shows. Definitely, recommend Greg to anyone starting out comedy!”
Hanoch S.
“Listen here u fuc’n genius I did my first 1/2 hr. U have knocked 4 years of work off my stand up. OMG. Thank u man. I owe u.”
Bigg W.
“Great! You analyze students well and push them nicely to strengthen their weaknesses.”
Geoff P.